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Microelectronics Industry

Similar to the PV industry, sawing wire is used in microelectronics to produce thin (0.12-1.50 mm) silicon wafers from monocrystalline silicon.

Russian leaders in microelectronics: «Angstrem», ZAO ELTOCHPRIBOR, JSC Mikron, OOO REFLEX-LIGHT and CKTO-Promproekt are well known domestically and abroad.

Recent development in domestic microelectronics is a good indicator of sustainable growth of this industry in Russia. Several months ago, a microchip assembly plant was built in the town of Zelenograd (Moscow region) — a Russian center of excellence in microelectronics and, last year, a new microchip design center was opened at JSC Micron.

Worldwide production of silicon wafers for microelectronics has been growing at a rate of five to seven percent per annum over the last several years.



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