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Photovoltaic Industry (PV)

The PV industry is the main consumer of sawing wire. The wire is used for cutting mono- and multi-crystalline silicon into silicon wafers. The number of silicon wafers produced worldwide is growing rapidly year-on-year, triggering increased demand for multi-pass sawing wire equipment and, consequently, sawing wire.

The current forecast for 2010 is estimated as being 15.5 GW of installed PV power worldwide, while several months ago the same forecast was only 10 GW of installed PV power (Source: EPIA, «Global Market Outlook for Photovoltaic until 2014», May 2010).

This demonstrates that in spite of the global financial crisis PV power sources experience rapid growth, encouraging sawing wire producers to boost production.

In July 2010 US President, Barak Obama, pledged USD 1.5 billion for development of PV power in the USA. This means that the US economy has a serious engagement in the PV industry and it is likely other countries will follow. This is a solid indication of a future boost in development of the sustainable energy market including the PV industry.



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