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Advanced Wire Technologies (AWT) is a manufacturer of high quality ultra tensile strength sawing wire (diameter 80-140μm) for abrasive cutting of various crystals and hard brittle materials in multi-pass wire cutting equipment.

This contemporary cutting technology allows production of wafers with

  • thickness between 0.12 mm and 1.50 mm;
  • high surface quality;
  • minimal kerf loss.

The technique is considered «non-invasive» since it results in minimal crystal structure distortion due to ultra-low dynamic stresses at points of contact between the wire instrument and cut crystalline surface.

Sawing wire is a new product for the Russian market; no other company manufactures this type of wire in Russia or elsewhere in the former Soviet republics.

The target market for about 95% of our sawing wire is foreign customers.

Soon, we intend to introduce our proprietary plasma treatment technique in the wire manufacturing process . The technique improves wire performance characteristics, enhances quality and lowers wire conversion costs enabling our product to become a leader in the sawing wire industry.

Our sawing wire is manufactured to the highest quality and performance standards. The modern manufacturing equipment ensures accuracy of all operations and can be rapidly adapted to keep pace with a dynamically changing market and meet growing customer requirements.

Wire typeWire diameter (μm)
Tensile strength (MPa)Ultra Tensile415040003750
Breaking load (N)Ultra Tensile334558
Tensile strength (MPa)Super Tensile400038503600
Breaking load (N)Super Tensile324356


OOO AWT (OOO Terwingo) 

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Russian Federation
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